2nd Baptist Church Choir at Carnegie Hall
In June of 1998, the choir that I sing with at church was invited to sing at Carnegie Hall along with choirs from several other churches from around the country. We flew out on a Thursday morning to Newark Airport, practiced a few times on Friday and Saturday, performed Sunday afternoon, and flew back on Monday, once we reached the airport after our bus driver got lost on the way back to Newark. In between we were able to see some sites and catch some shows. The first pictures are from the day of our show. On stage I am 4th from the right, second row from the top. Outside in front of Carnegie Hall, I am 5th from the right in the second row of guys.
Places in New York City
These are some of the sites from the trip. The first few are from just walking around Manhattan.
All of the pictures from up high and the sunset are from the observation deck at the Empire State Building.
The rest are more from various spots in Manhattan.
2nd Baptist People in New York City
Of course I have a lot of pictures of the people I travelled with. Most of the members of our choir are members of our
church, but we have a scholarship program that benefits Texas Tech students and helps fill up the choir loft.
Our last night in NYC we went on a midnight cruise around the Statue of Liberty. The dance pictures are from that cruise.