Tulsa, Oklahoma Air National Guard Base
Gate Guards
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A-7 Corsair II F-100 Super Sabre F-86 Sabre
Interesting Story about these pictures
First, a big salute out to the MPs at the Tulsa Air National Guard Base for their outstanding work.
I was in Tulsa (not voluntarily I have to say) on September 15th, 2001...just a few days after the World Trade Center attacks.
I had flown to Chicago on the 10th for a conference, and like most travelling Americans, was stranded in Chicago after it was over.
I was able to procure a rental car (all I needed was 4 wheels, an engine and a windshield) and drove from Chicago to Tulsa
the afternoon/evening of the 14th. A guy I went to high school with flies for the Oklahoma Air National Guard (Viper jock...too fun)
and his younger brother was working for me at the time. He had mentioned that they had some planes to photograph at their base.
I decided to snag pictures of them while I was in Tulsa, cause I gotta tell you, I can't think of any reason for me to be there on purpose.
I parked my rental car, walked across the street, and before I could snap the 5 pictures you see, the base MPs were at the fence on ATVs,
full body-armor, helmets, sidearms, etc. to see what was up. With an ID check and explanation I was on my way, but not at all what I
expected. I guess times changed faster than any of us were ready for.