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     Although the Chama River Valley is one of the richest archaeological regions in New Mexico, its prehistory is little known to the public.   At least a dozen major pueblos and hundreds of smaller sites have been recorded by archaeologists, but only a few have undegone extensive study.   Like a library, these resources hold much potential for future research.
     Poshuouinge (poe-shoo-WING-ay), which lies in the lower Chama valley, is ancestral to the Tewa Indians, who presently live in a series of pueblos near Española.   The closest are San Juan and Santa Clara.
     A well-marked trail leads from the parking area up the terrace.   It skirts along the edge of the ruins and on to a bench and ramada overlooking the site.   If you continue to the top, you will discover an even better view of the valley, a circle of stones once used as a shrine
(signs currently posted at this hill-top feature refer to it as a work area...see photo gallery), and a pictorial reconstruction of how the pueblo appeared centuries ago.   You should allow yourself 45 minutes to an hour or so to do the full hike.
     Poshuouinge is located along U.S. Highway 84, 2.5 miles east of Abiquiu, New Mexico. A trail leads from a parking off the south side of the highway to a hill overlooking the site and the Chama River Valley.
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Text from Ancient Ruins of the Southwest - Noble, 2000