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     The Anasazi Heritage Center is a federal museum, research center, and curation facility that introduces visitors to Four Corners' prehistory. Approximately three million records, samples, and artifacts from public lands throughout southwestern Colorado form the Center's holdings. The Heritage Center is also the visitor center for the new Canyons of the Ancients National Monument.
     Adjacent to the Center are the 12th century archaeological sites named after the Spanish Franciscan friars who were the first to record prehistoric sites in Colorado. The Dominguez site is located right outside the Museum building and consists of four rooms with low stone walls--all that remains of the structure constructed around A.D. 1123.
     Escalante Pueblo, located a half-mile walk up the hill from the Museum, experienced three periods of habitation. The main complex constructed in A.D. 1129 was a Chacoan outlier, part of the vast trading network with the people at Chaco Canyon in New Mexico. After a short abandonment the pueblo was reoccupied about A.D. 1150. A final occupation of very short duration occurred sometime around A.D. 1200. Two kivas were part of the Pueblo, but only one has been excavated. Escalante Pueblo offers a panoramic view of the Four Corners Area.
VISITING THE HERITAGE CENTER The Heritage Center is located on State Highway 184, three miles from Dolores, CO. The Center is open year-round except for New Year's, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
Text from Mesa Verde Country Visitor Information Bureau website.    Map from Anasazi Heritage Center website.