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Chaco Canyon - Hungo Pavi Great House
      Located at the mouth of Mockingbird Canyon, and approximately two miles east of Pueblo Bonito, lies a large Chacoan great house known as Hungo Pavi. This completely unexcavated ruin of about 140 rooms was built in the classic D-shape and rose at least three stories in the back room block. It had an arced one-story row of rooms on the south that enclosed the plaza. Tree-ring dates suggest two stages of building construction of many ground-floor rooms in the late 900s and earrly 1000s, with upper stories added in the middle 1000s.
      Unlike most other Chacoan great houses, there is little evidence for kivas built within the room block. An elevated two-story kiva near the center of the building and a great kiva depression in the plaza are the only visible remains of these underground chambers.
      The name "Hungo Pavi" has never been translated. Edgar Hewett believed it may have been a mispronunciation of "Shungopovi", the name of a Hopi village.
Text and Ruins Map from The Chaco Handbook - An Encyclopedic Guide - Vivian & Hilpert 2002.
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