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Chaco Canyon - Pueblo del Arroyo Great House
     Pueblo del Arroyo (Spanish for "town by the arroyo") is a Chacoan great house located a few hundred yards west of Pueblo Bonito in the heart of 'Downtown Chaco'. In contrast with many other canyon great houses, Pueblo del Arroyo was built in the middle of the canyon rather than against the north cliff, and faces east rather than south. The great house's location near Chaco Wash, for which it is named, placed it in danger from erosion as the wash shifted its course over the centuries.
      Pueblo del Arroyo is the fourth largest of the canyon great houses. It rose to four stories in the southern wing and had almost 300 rooms. The ground plan is the classic D-shape, with southern and northern wings and an enclosing arc of single rooms. It contains fourteen kivas, but no great kiva has been discovered at the site.
      Construction of the central room block began in the 1060s, and the two wings were added about thirty years later. After the building was completed, a tri-wall structure was built to the west of the pueblo in the early 1100s. A number of small rooms were tacked onto the south side of the building sometime later.
      About half of the site was excavated by Neil Judd between 1923 and 1926, along with the tri-wall structure. Judd believed the building may have been founded by a group from Pueblo Bonito when that great house could no longer hold its growing population. There is good evidence for a spur road coming to this site from the vicinity of Pueblo Alto.
Text and Ruins Map from The Chaco Handbook - An Encyclopedic Guide - Vivian & Hilpert 2002.
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