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     The labyrinth called Canyon de Chelly (pronounced d'SHAY) is really several canyons, which include Canyon de Chelly & Canyon del Muerto. At the mouth of the canyon the rock walls are only 30 feet high. Deeper into the canyons, to the east, the walls rise dramatically until they reach more than 1000 feet above the floor. The cliffs rise straight up, overshadowing the streams, cottonwoods, and small farms below. It has taken about 2 million years and volumes of water to etch these stone paths through the layers of sandstone and igneous rock as the Defiance Plateau pushed its way upward. Today the canyon still beckons us - with its towering stone monoliths and ledges bearing the open windows of ancient people.
     Canyon de Chelly National Monument was established in 1931 to preserve these canyons and their important record of human history. Embracing nearly 84,000 acres within the Navajo Reservation, the monument is administered by the National Park Service. But, Tsegi - These rock canyons called Canyon de Chelly - belongs to Diné, the Navajo People.
Text from U.S National Park Service Canyon de Chelly Monument Guide - GPO: 1998-432-903/60316

Canyon de Chelly is 3 miles from Route 191 in Chinle, Arizona.

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