Lubbock Cotton Kings 2003-2004
vs. Amarillo Gorillas
March 6th, 2004
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LCK6Mar04-09 LCK6Mar04-10 LCK6Mar04-11 LCK6Mar04-12 LCK6Mar04-13 LCK6Mar04-14 LCK6Mar04-15 LCK6Mar04-16
LCK6Mar04-17 LCK6Mar04-18 LCK6Mar04-19 LCK6Mar04-20 LCK6Mar04-21 LCK6Mar04-22 LCK6Mar04-23 LCK6Mar04-24
LCK6Mar04-25 LCK6Mar04-26 LCK6Mar04-27 LCK6Mar04-28 LCK6Mar04-29 LCK6Mar04-30 LCK6Mar04-31 LCK6Mar04-32
LCK6Mar04-33 LCK6Mar04-34 LCK6Mar04-35 LCK6Mar04-36 LCK6Mar04-37 LCK6Mar04-38 LCK6Mar04-39 LCK6Mar04-40
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