The Photographs
All of my photographs at this site (and another go-zillion or so that aren't) are available for purchase
for your Display Prints, Publishing or Electronic Imaging needs.   All images are stored on-site and therefore are immediately available for your use.   No manipulation has been wrought upon these images except as required to maintain original color, brightness and contrast of the actual photographic print.
Image Library
My display images are set up to view in two ways:
Location - when and where I took the photo. The archive dates back to a 1995 trip through the Western U.S., and
Subject Category - what's in the photo. Current categories on display are Mountains, Deserts, Coastal, Sky, Flora, Fauna, Architecture, Flight and People.
Photography Services
Sports, Aviation, and Portraits - Still-shot photos are available, but I specialize in shots of action.
Check out the full menu of Photography Services available through
The Website
This site was designed and is maintained by Mike Letalien for  I spend at least as much
time these days writing code as I do taking pictures and I really enjoy developing and constructing websites for individuals or companies...after all, both endeavours exercise the creative side of my brain.
I'd be happy to help you or your organization start a new site or support an existing site, so
be sure to stop by the other half of - Web Design - if you're in need of such services.