From: Judy Bryant []
Sent: Wednesday, March 23, 2005 10:55 AM
Subject: Easter Sunday morning

Hey guys,
I need your help! Iíve just discovered this morning (Wednesday) that we will have only one paid worker here on Sunday morning. I knew there were 4 that would be out and was making arrangements for that but was not aware of the other until today. The spring break holiday has created a unique problem this year since so many of our workers are Tech students Ė theyíve been gone for the last two weeks and will also be out of town on Easter. We only have 3 workers whose home is Lubbock and 2 of them had asked off long ago so they could be with their families on Easter.

Anyway, hereís what Iím asking from you (and from the Christian Formations division). Would you be willing to do one of two things: either volunteer to help during one of the three hours on Sunday (8:30, 9:30, or 10:45) or call in some favors of anyone you know who might be willing to help us out this one time. We anticipate a large crowd including visitors and we want to offer a smooth morning for the children and for parents. We will need at least 5 volunteers at 8:30, 7 volunteers at 9:30, and 9 volunteers at 10:45. As you can see thatís a rather overwhelming number, however, I think if we can all work together we can more than meet the need. Be assured that I will be (am already, actually) calling my own list and will, of course, be available during all three hours to help as needed.

Please e-mail or call me (795-4396, 470-6223, or 748-6850) to let me know if can make phone calls or if you can be there to help on Sunday morning. I appreciate your support and help!