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Banner-Free Bookmark Independent website with over 3000 original photographs of Aircraft from Airshows and Museums organized into event/location or aircraft designation. Some images available as prints.
Updated 10/21/2003 - CAF AirSho 2003

Gallery of Travel: Over 2000 original photographs of Landscapes and Historical Scenery from around the United States, organized by state and destination/event.
Most images available as prints.
Updated 11/28/2003 - Santa Fe & Ruins Hiking Over 900 original photographs of Football, Baseball, Basketball & Hockey pictures focusing on the Texas Tech Red Raiders & Lubbock Cotton Kings. Some images available as prints.
Updated 10/1/2003 - High School Sports
Southwest NEW!!! Independent website featuring history and over 300 original photographs of archaeological sites in the Southwestern United States.
Updated 11/21/2003 - Sites North of Santa Fe

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