These drawings were done a few years ago by two of my kids, Andrew and Megan, who are great fans of Dan Wilson and the Mariners. There is also a pic of Megan with Dan and one of my three kids and Dan... one at the 2000 Mariners caravan and one at the 1st annnual Mariners Fanfest in 1999. If you have a drawing, poem, fan pic ect that includes Dan Wilson or you and Dan that you would like me to post on this page email me a description of what you want posted, your name (optional) and either the poem or a scan of the drawing or picture and I'll get it up on this page asap!

This drawing of Dan was done by my son Andrew.

This drawing was done by my daughter Megan.

This is a picture I took of Dan Wilson at the 1st annual Mariners Fanfest in daughter is wearing the Griffey shirt in the foreground.

This picture was taken at the 2000 Bremerton Mariners Caravan by a Mariners shows my daughter Megan talking to Dan, with my sons Andrew (big) and Travis (small), behind her. This photo was borrowed from the Mariners site.