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    This site, as you might have guessed, is dedicated to a series known as "The Vision of Escaflowne" or, to the Canadians who saw the cut series, "Escaflowne". It's an amazing anime series that is so good that I actually began a site dedicated to it. I have seen over 120 different animes, and this continues to be number 1 on my list.
    Escaflowne is about a normal 15 year-old girl, Hitomi Kanzaki, who watches a boy her age slay a dragon (Van) and gets brought to his world. That's a very very very very very basic plot line. The characters are intricate and so are the episodes. The spoilers are HUGE, but they're awesome.
    The series was planned out to be 39 episodes, but there were production problems and it was cut down to 26. It came out in Japan in September 1996. FOX took it 4 years later, chopped it up mercilessly by cutting out essential scenes that they thought were unimportant. The series was cut down to 22 episodes. They aired only the first 9 when they pulled it off due to poor ratings. A month later, in September of 2000, YTV began the series. It was cut, but they showed all 22 episodes, and also included the original first episode.
    I have now seen every version of Escaf;pwme. People berate me for actually appreciating the dub, not to mention the cut. To be honest, I prefer the dub. The voices are much more suitable. And the cut... well, although it trashed important scenes, it altered some of the music in a way to make it better. They input some of their own, and I actually enjoyed it. My suggestion to those of you who are just starting on the series:SEE ALL THE VERSIONS. See the dub cut and uncut, and the Japanese. It's like viewing 3 different shows.
    Well, that concludes my little ramble. Please feel free to poke around the site. If you have any questions or whatnot, feel free to email me.
~Mystic Blue


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Dear visitors.
This is my last update, the exception being the posting of my pending interview with Andrew Francis. Almost four years ago, at the young age of 14 and the beginning of high school, I created this site. I had just seen Escaflowne for the first time and I was instantly smitten with the series. I put countless hours of effort into this site, and despite the frustrations, it was worth it in the end.

I am 18 years old now. I graduated this year and next year I will be in in University. I simply don't have the time to maintain such a site anymore, not to mention that I'm no longer wildly obsessed with the series (though it will always be my favorite). I decided to bid adieu in the best way I knew how: a final, major update. This site will remain online for as long as its server, 100megsfree.com is. I will no longer update, but it's not fair to shut the operation down entirely when it can hold up on its own. To all my visitors, thank you for the emails, the support, the signed guestbook entries. I will cherish it all forever. This has been one great ride, and my little endeavor wouldn't have gone anywhere without you guys. So thank you, so so much.

~Mystic Blue

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