When I say group shots, it generally means "more than 2 people". Whether it be a collage or Hitomi, Allen and Millerna from a screenshot, it's still counted as "group shot". If you're looking for pics of TWO characters together who are not Van and Hitomi, please check out the new pairs gallery.

Here are the groups now!

The following pics are new:
This pic helped inspire the fencing aspect of a fanfic of minepencilboardA larger version of the other pictureFolken, Eriya, and Naria's spiritsEpisode 19 end shotMerle, Hitomi, and a guard watch Merle pull the tail off a lizard @_@Eriya, Folken, Naria. Previously in the folken section.Folken giving the catgirls a new mission. Previously in the Folken GalleryPoor Van...Promotional magazine spread for ep 12/ep 14Headed for the Mystic ValleyI really love Merle and Van's poses for this one...

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