Dilandau's Gallery

    This is a gallery for the "bad guy" in the series. He is way past evil, he's insane, but he seems to get a lot of attention. Anyway, here's his page. I'd do that "if you meant to go to so and so's site, click here" thing but I can't do that for him... he has little connections except for Jajuka. And Folken. And Dornkirk. Okay, okay, so he does have connections but that's beyond the point.
Not that there is a point.

The following pics are new:
Dilly goes berserkWell it's been a while so LET'S PLAY!Insanely boredPreview for diabolical adonisDilandau being difficultEnraged and lostcaughtDIE, VAN!!!Dilandau sketchesDilandau appears through the smokeTwisted admiration for Folken's betrayal'Good work Zongi''It's the troublemaker from the Mystic Moon!'So happy to see JajukaDisgusted at Folken's idea to use a dopplegangerLooking forward to the war

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