A gallery for the "heavenly" knight of Asturia. If you came here looking for his crew members, then you've made a wrong turn and should go back here. If you're looking for him in group shots, then by all means, go to the Group Shot Gallery.
If not, the show will go on ;)

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The following pics are new
Allen in ScherazadeCocky smileAllen character sketchesAllen reaches for his little sister in a visionAllen as a teenagerAllen in the cemetary at duskHitomi pictures ALLEN as the angel from her visionAllen at Millerna's weddingFrom the OPEp 4, Allen asks Hitomi to pinpoint Vanan odd, girlyish pic of AllenAllen, as Marlene meets himA line removed from the cut: 'If Dryden wasn't a good man, I'd have killed him.'Allen recovering from his woundsAllen becomes a knight CaeliAllen is stopped from saving the Duke of Freid in ep 11Allen, jailed in ep 6Allen on the cover of the 3rd volumeOn the roofAllen's introduction'All I see is you, Hitomi, just you..'Teenaged AllenAllen asks Hitomi for forgiveness for his impolitenessBizarre nose...

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