The Hollywood Palladium

King Of The Big Band Ballrooms

The Hollywood Palladium opened on 29 October 1940. The ballroom was designed with big band swing in mind and included along with the fabulous accoustics a spacious and beautiful solid white ash dance floor to accommodate the huge dance crowds. Chairs at tables provided seating for thousands more in the balconies on both sides.

Tommy Dorsey and his orchestra had the distinction of being the opening night big band and others over the years included Glenn Miller, Stan Kenton, Les Brown, Artie Shaw, Harry James and all the rest destined to become legends. It was truly the King of the ballrooms with enormous crowds throughout the Big Band era. Les Brown described those years at the Palladium as "New Year's Eve every night!"

6500 Dancers!

Glenn Miller

Duke Ellington

Stan Kenton & June Christy

Casino Ballroom - Catalina Island
Balboa's Rendezvous BallRoom 1941
Tribute To Stan Kenton